About Us

Leveraging technology, experience and know how.

Equus Nox is a software as a service company providing insight into the challenges of executing logistics, transactions and pricing. Focused on the last mile of the supply chain in bulk break markets for commodities, our goal is to provide solutions that target inefficiencies resulting from lack of transparency and ineffective communication. We build solutions, partner with existing solution providers and collaborate with customers to solve real world problems and create opportunities for enhanced execution. Our current focus is on ground transportation fuels in the continental United States. Overtime we will broaden our efforts to include other commodity bulk break activities that leverage the foundations we have established.

The Last Mile

We define the last mile of the refined transportation fuels supply chain as the inlet flange at storage terminal to inlet flange at fueling location. There are a variety of entities that make up this ecosystem and most play multiple roles.


With over 80,000 truckload transactions each day involving multiple constituents, the complexity of transactions and logistics combined with the volatility in pricing creates inefficiency that is difficult to identify and more challenging to solve.


Our first application providing consolidation of multiple suppliers, contracts, terminals and products into an online portal for a single view into the allocations and terminal status.